Picturesque Reserves and Caravan Parks

Walmsley ParkIn two weeks I intend to run the Huntly half marathon. Training began in earnest today.

Having explored most of the more interesting inner city routes, we decided to head further afield. Using Google maps, we planned a 12km track that would take us to Dave’s house for a refreshment stop, followed by another 8 or so kilometers to get back home.

Studying the map, it appeared that from Dominion Road, we could run most of our route via a series of parks.

Some of these parks are now being threatened with the SH20 motorway proposal, and others would, arguably, take us through one of the more rougher areas  in Auckland.

This could get interesting.

I took a camera.

The first part of our journey involved a 5km jog down the perfectly straight and forever drab Dominion Road. Saturated by torrential rain, I looked longingly into the many dry, warm exotic eateries along the way. The Indian Dosa restaurant, looked particularly inviting, and might well be warranting a visit some time soon.

At the Mt Albert Rd intersection we veered off towards War Memorial Park, and then a string of further parks all following a winding stream with no name that eventually meets the harbour at Oakley Creek.

The picturesque parks, with weeping willow trees over the water, paved walkways, and lush grass, are a stark contrast to the rough state housing that borders them.

We saw roaming dogs, a seeming caravan graveyard, albeit probably Auckland’s most scenic one, pukekos, ducks, but very few people. Apart from some hard-core cyclists we were the only ones on the track.

Hendon Park Walmsley Park, Mt Albert, Auckland Where Caravans go to die, Allen Wood Reserve

From War Memorial Park, we continued on through Walmsley Park, and then through what likely will become tarmac should TRANSIT get their way.

The proposed SH20 motorway extension will probably go through Hendon Park, Allen Wood Reserve, and Oakely Creek (and possibly a few others).* As we ran through Allen Wood Reserve, I tried to determine which would benefit my life more, increased taxes and several extra kilometers of motorway likely doing little to ease congestion or reduce our carbon foot print, or a series of parks stretching from Dominion Road all the way to the Waitamata.

Such a difficult choice.

While there was some scattered sunshine, the weather Gods were relentlessly punishing, and we finally arrived at Dave’s house cold, and rather wet.

There, our host supplied us with hot drinks, a very toasty heater, and some bus money to get back home.

For cyclist and runners alike,  the Mt Albert Park route comes highly recommended by this trainee runner.

View all photos here.

*Note, I am speculating based on the most recent AW1 route, however Transit is still considering others as well.

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5 Responses to Picturesque Reserves and Caravan Parks

  1. David says:

    SH20 Tunnel or Nothing


  2. David says:

    Where did you find the Waterview Connection Options map? That seems much more recent than anything at

  3. David says:

    Thanks, that’s from March 2008. The tunnel was chosen as the preferred option after that, but the Auckland Business Forum didn’t like it so Steve Joyce, Minister of Transport, sent in back to the NZTA and no one knows what’s going to happen now. Joyce probably is keeping it secret until after the by-election.

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