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Many years ago I signed up on Bebo, I can’t remember the reason, probably to stalk someone. I generally avoid social networking sites like a virulent H1Z5 flue strain.

Social networking sites seem to be little more than a mechanism for people to collect as many ‘friends points’ as possible, allowing them to convince themselves of their self importance and need to share all the inane details about their lives with people they have never talked to, and probably never will. It’s a popularity contest for people who had no friends in school.  OK, I might be harsh, and maybe I’m refusing to take part in the next technological revolution, but you get the idea.*

Today I received an email, of someone who added me as a friend on Bebo. The name seemed vaguely familiar. So I investigated.

I was befriended by someone who was the wife of a student of my late father (before he retired from teaching some 30 years ago). I have hazy memories of possibly seeing this woman as a child. My parents weren’t even friends with the student let alone his wife. But somehow this 3-degree link of separation means I am her instant friend.

In recent studies it has been proven the six-degrees of separation stands in the online world as much as the real world. So, perhaps we should create a public list of the entire internet population, and add it to everyone’s friend list. It will be the perfect communist social network regime.  Everyone will have exactly the same amount of friends, there’ll be no more popularity contests, and people will finally be able to get back to, and on with their daily routines.

I shall call it

*And yes I appreciate the irony of ranting about social networking on a blog.

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