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Recruitment Ethics

My work-place is currently looking to fill several IT positions. This means my manager has spent the last few weeks interviewing, and dealing with recruitment agents. Today I received a phone call from one of them. “Hi Michelle, this is … Continue reading

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On my way to work there is a large four level apartment block. It epitomises leaky building. It is mono-clad, with no eaves. It has balconies, none of which are level despite being subsequently reinforced by tacked on pieces of … Continue reading

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How to: Repair a Muntin

A muntin is the middle glazing bar of a sash window. It separates the two panes of glass. In older-style villas, the muntin is a very thin piece of timber, with a curved contour on the inside. Alas, over the … Continue reading

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House of Pleasure

As part of Telecom’s XT promotion, the Auckland Town Hall was lit up with an impressive light-display. There were twelve themes all up, all complete with subliminal advertising, some with intricate and dazzling animations, and others looking rather delectable and … Continue reading

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Picturesque Reserves and Caravan Parks

In two weeks I intend to run the Huntly half marathon. Training began in earnest today. Having explored most of the more interesting inner city routes, we decided to head further afield. Using Google maps, we planned a 12km track … Continue reading

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Finally, a solution to the FKS, KFS problem. Introducing the spknork.

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Social Networking

Many years ago I signed up on Bebo, I can’t remember the reason, probably to stalk someone. I generally avoid social networking sites like a virulent H1Z5 flue strain. Social networking sites seem to be little more than a mechanism … Continue reading

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