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Parau Loop Track

Needing a break from sash window restoration, we decided to conclude Easter Weekend with a tramp in the Waitakere Ranges. Our requirements were something we had not tramped before, wasn’t too far to drive, and a good day walk.  The … Continue reading

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Hot Pastafarian Buns

To celebrate JOAS day I made hot pastafarian buns. Delicious. The perfect accompaniment for an Easter zombie movie marathon. Although, so far we’ve only made it through the romantic zombie comedy, ‘Shaun of the Dead’. The rest might have to … Continue reading

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Dr Evil

“Did a nuclear bomb just go off?”, gasps our new, and normally very serious, IT guy, as he comes running through the door. It’s late Thursday afternoon on Easter weekend eve, everyone is relaxed, and I’m just heading out on … Continue reading

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Auckland Snow

Snapped by the new IT guy:

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Like, let’s totally take this forward

“Do you think teenage girls will eventually just end up saying nothing but ‘like’?”, Beau randomly asks. “Totally”, I reply. “I was over-hearing some girls at the coffee shop”, Beau explains, “and all I could hear was ‘and you know, … Continue reading

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Please state your name, address, and full date of birth

At a rough estimate, I have donated platelets, plasma or whole blood over 400 times. Three weeks ago it was my last donation. Since losing my car, and still in mourning, I have been determined to get around Auckland without … Continue reading

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A Quick Trick Brick Stack

Walking home from work last week, I spotted a sign in a shop for window. “Bricks for sale. 20c”. Now, Beau has long been planning a brick construction in our back yard, possibly inspired by his childhood fascination with quick … Continue reading

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