The Web Site is Down

Well it finally happened, my site got hacked.

Like the builder whose home is an ongoing DIY construction disaster area, my own website violated every rule of good IT practice.   If I applied the same habits at work it would likely be grounds for dismissal.  I may have been guilty of:

  • Insecure passwords (which have never been changed)
  • No backups
  • Outdated software
  • And a tendency to fix everything with chmod 777 -R *

Fortunately Bluehost (bless them in a noodly kind of way), have been doing weekly site back-ups as a matter of course.

So this blogger is not down and out, but back with a vengenance.  I have upgraded to the latest version of wordpress, restored my data, sorted out permissions, configured regular backups, and all without a single chmod 777 in sight.

This website is most definitely not down.

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