How To: Prepare for the Recession

1. Clear out backyard

2. Measure out sufficient area for growing produce
3. Draw up landscaping plans in Google Sketch-up

4. Visit Kumeu Orchard Supplies, for old ex-orchard posts needing a new purpose.
5. Find flaw in space-time continuum, and fit posts into back of Toyota Corolla
6. Build retaining walls.

Tools required

  • 10 round posts
  •  20 1/2 rounds
  •  Sabre saw
  • Staple gun
  • Weed mat
  • Concrete/brick fill
  • 100mm nails
  • Cordless drill
  • Post-hole borer
  • Level
  • Top-soil/compost
  • Ice-cream


  • Dig holes using post-hole borer.  The depth of the hole, should be equal to at least the height of the retaining wall.
    IMG_2248.jpg R0014825.jpg
  • Fix in post.  If the wall is <1 m in height, concrete is not required.
  • Build retaining wall, starting from the bottom-up.
  • To prolong life of retaining wall, staple weedmat to the inside, and then add a layer of brick/concrete fill.


  • Add soil. Top-soil can be purchased by the trailer load from Auckland Landscaping Supplies.  But, at $90 per/cubic metre, it’s not cheap.  A better idea is to visit the friendly Kumeu farmer, and scrape off top-soil from their drive, bag it up, and take back home.  This might require a few trips.  Top off soil with a layer of compost, also available from the always helpful Kumeu Farming Supplies.

7. Plant vegetables, grapes, olive and fruit trees.

8. Build electric fence around produce patch to keep out starving neighbours

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