An unusual request

We’ve been shopping.

It turns out refinancing, and changing banks is really easy, and costs little.

As we’re going through the final details with our new bank manager, there is one important question I still need to ask him.

“Can my name appear first on our card?”, I question.

“An unusual request”, he replies. “But I’m sure we can arrange that”.

“And on our statements too. It’s very important”, I continue. “I’ve been irritated for nearly two years now”.

“Oh no! Well we wouldn’t want you to be irritated with us”, he exclaims. “”We’ll make sure that happens.”


Later he phones Beau (my trusty Nokia is in varying stages of decay after an unfortunate terrestial impact), to go through some last minor details. He questions him about my request.

Beau explains, that regardless of what the account, whether it be banking, generic bills, phone, or power, if it is in both our names, his name is always printed first, and that this bothers me, particularly as it means our names are printed in reverse lexicographical order.

The bank manager assures us this will not be the case with them.

I now excitingly await my first statement.

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