Road to Strangeness

It’s Sunday afternoon, and we’re heading down Dominion Road to do our monthly supermarket shopping.

“You know”, says Beau, “I think we’re now officially strange”.

“Huh?”, I question.

“We’ve crossed the line. I really don’t think anyone other than green hippies would go about their shopping this way.”

“Hm”, I say reflectively.

For the past year we’ve been without a car, after both our much-loved vehicles suffered an untimely demise. However, we’ve never quite been able to justify replacing them fromĀ  either an economic or environmental standpoint.

And so, we’ve been going about our Auckland life without one.* Mostly this is fine. I can walk to work, to the pub, and the library. Life is good, except when it rains.

However, this weekend we needed to do our monthly supermarket shop. Not having our loan car on hand, we picked up our tramping packs and headed down to the supermarket.

It seemed the most logical ‘what-would-magvyer’ thing to do.

But, as we were heading towards our destination to pick up what would be approximately 33kg of staples (via a rather good cafe for refreshments), it suddenly became apparent, that yes, this might be perceived as a little unusual. And that, yes, I had in fact never seen anyone in a supermarket with a Mac Pack.

“I think most people would just buy a car”, says Beau.

“Hm, maybe”, I agree.

Still, there must be 1000s of Aucklanders who also do not own cars. How do they do their shopping?

I do frequently see apartment-dwellers trudge up Queen Street carrying Foodtown bags laden with pasta, drinks, and canned food.

So perhaps we’re not really that strange, but just a little more efficient?

*Although, we do rather frequently make use of the generous services from Kumeu Car Hire.

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4 Responses to Road to Strangeness

  1. Ian says: seems to be what many of my friends use – delivery to the door.

  2. Simon says:

    Yep, it works really well. And if you don’t do it that often they often send you an email with a code to get a discount on the delivery. If you do over $300 delivery isn’t much anyway. They’ll deliver beer and 20kg bags of coal no problem. And you can easily go though and see exactly what’s on special quickly and easily and then stock up on those things. And once you’ve done it a few times you build up your standard list and it also remembers everything you’ve ever bought and used your shopping card thing on too.

  3. Alicia says:


    You could just buy Up’n’Go and Fresh Up and eat subway every night. Seems to work for some people I know.

    Can’t you push the trolley home with all the groceries inside it? And then push it back? It will be much better on your back methinks.

  4. Simon says:

    I can just imagine the story on the news about a run away shopping trolley full of groceries running away down the hill and causing a multi car pile up on the Northwestern Motorway!

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