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Breaking the Bank

Last week, we did what I had thought up until then was only possible with a good amount of grovelling, indirect bribery, and other acts brought about by both emotional and financial desperation. We broke our mortgage. To my surprise, … Continue reading

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The C Word

Just as I’m about to head back to work, the phone rings. “Hello” “Hello, is this Michelle?” “Yes” “Hello, this is Nanditha, I’m calling on behalf of CRC bank. You have a credit card with us.” “Yes…”, I say, as … Continue reading

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After a solid day’s DYI’ing, we decide to walk down the road for some ice-cream.  Around the corner I spot what looks like an old white Ford Escort. It seems to be in very good condition, and I wander up … Continue reading

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“Michelle, can you come help me for a sec?”, asks Sam our token Australian software developer. “Sure”, I say, and wander over to his desk, pondering what technical enlightenment I can possibly offer him. “I can’t check in any of … Continue reading

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Motorway Algorithms

“The problem”, explains Michael, our company’s token Irish programmer, “is that the script, getItemListing.sql, needs to run before getItemCosting.sql”. “In fact that script really needs to run before any of the others”, he points out further. “Otherwise it will reference … Continue reading

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Road to Strangeness

It’s Sunday afternoon, and we’re heading down Dominion Road to do our monthly supermarket shopping. “You know”, says Beau, “I think we’re now officially strange”. “Huh?”, I question. “We’ve crossed the line. I really don’t think anyone other than green … Continue reading

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ln -s

Something I really miss in a hard-core Windows environment is the concept of symbolic links. Symbolic links are fantastic for pointing to the latest version of a program, or an obscure config file hidden deep in applicationurbia. It makes scripting … Continue reading

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