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Why borer is bad

When we were in the market for a house, we looked at dozens of villas. Most were riddled with borer. The real estate agents would tell us: “Oh, but they’re all like that”. or “It’s been there for a hundred … Continue reading

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Toughest Action Hero

Macgyver has come out number one in a poll of TV’s toughest screen hero, beating both Jack Bauer and Magnum PI. I guess making a radio transmitter with cactus juice, a lie detector from an alarm clock and blood pressure … Continue reading

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Mousehole is a small picturesque fishing village on the coast of Cornwall. It is known for its narrow lanes, and historic charms. In 1595 Mousehole was destroyed in a raid led by Spaniard Carlos de Amesquita, in one of only … Continue reading

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A story about merging

And why anything is better than Visual Source Safe. We recently had the following scenario: Feature #7256 was a major piece of work, having taken several months to implement and which Miranda had written in version 5.0 of the code-stream. … Continue reading

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Eight Observations From NZ Election Night

Apparently any serious blogger makes list posts, so here’s mine. For the first time, since eligible to vote, I picked the winning MP, and party*. I feel like I should get a prize. Oh wait, I’m getting a new government. … Continue reading

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Chaos, Chapter 2

Chapter 1 is here. — “Tom, you better check this out”. It had been nearly three years of coding and getting closely acquainted with Tom’s garage. Despite being big enough to hold two SUVs, Tom and Dan managed to clutter … Continue reading

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The Undecided Voter

In the last general election I stood as a candidate. I even managed to get around 500 votes. This time round, for the first time, I’m an undecided voter. A few days ago I attended the Maxim debate hoping to … Continue reading

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