I despise hair-dressers.

As a teenager my mother would take me to the hairdresser on a semi-regular basis.

And every time the hairdresser would tell me my hair was too flat, too knotty, had split-ends, had too much volume, had not enough volume, or any number of other aliments.

They would spend an hour snipping away, true masters at their art. This would then be followed up with an assortment of gels and spray to style it into something that would look undeniably pretty, but which I could never achieve at home.

And of course within six weeks that fashionable style would grow into a wild stringy mess, prompting yet another dreaded $60 visit.

So, as I moved out of home and started paying for my own way, I swore I would never again visit another hairdresser. I wanted a hairstyle that was low-maintenance and care-free.

The only real way to achieve this, has been to keep it long and tied up in a pony tail or plait.

Of course the problem with this is that eventually it becomes unmanageably sleep-chokingly long, forever knotted, and in the heat of summer, unpleasantly hot.

So with my mother not around to give me my yearly trim, and no other volunteers in sight, I finally convinced Beau to take up the challenge.

Armed with the mini-snips from my swiss-army knife, he proceeded to practice his new profession. Some three minutes later said mission was accomplished.

I am now back to a more care-free summer-embracing shoulder length style.*

And I have $60 to spare.

*And it even comes with a trendy slight ragged finish.

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