The other day I was refining my propagating skills by taking cuttings from two corokia plants we had bought for my new hedge.

Beau observing my newfound gardening talent suddenly states “You can’t do that!”.

“Do what?”, I asked, as I planted the cuttings into an array of pots.

“Make a copy. That’s illegal”

“Um… Watch me.”

“But you didn’t pay for those. You’re pirating trees”.

Well he has a point. I have to admit the Miss Froogle in me didn’t want to spend $100 on trees, when I could buy just two for $15 and then use those to make 10 copies for free.

I admit it. I am guilty of tree piracy.

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2 Responses to Arrr!

  1. Simon says:

    You weren’t making a copy. You were just branching.

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