Damn it! I’ve lost my keys

I spotted the following extract on the feedback page in the latest AA Directions magazine:

If you own a ‘remote locking’ car and for some silly reason you lock it with the keys inside, you can ring any person who has the other remote locking device and get them to send the frequency over the phone while you hold your mobile toward the car. I have it on good authority that this can work.


It’s the sort of thing I would expect to see on an episode of 24:

Jack Bauer (on phone): Yeah this is Jack. Chloe my keys were destroyed in the fight, and I can’t get back into my car.

Chloe: No problem Jack. I can route your car’s unlock frequency through your phone. What’s your car’s IP address?

Jack Bauer: 6eff3239

Chloe: Ok Jack. I’m sending the signal now.

Not so sure about this working in real life though.

At least not yet.

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