Bow before me, for I am txting-man

Another Monday, and I’ve convinced myself that it would be a good idea to go out for a lunchtime run in the rain.

After conquering Mt Eden, I head back up Mt Eden Road on the homeward stretch sodden by bus splash-back from the wet streets. A stiff breeze pushes the heavy drizzle into my eyes and face but, still recovering from my summit climb, it’s surprisingly refreshing.

I come up to the penultimate traffic intersection, and wait for the pedestrian light to change. Standing next to me are two fellow pedestrians. The first chap is waiting to cross Mt Eden Rd, the second is immersed in a deep and meaningful text message, and like me, is waiting to cross Boston Road.

The shrill sound of the pedestrian signal pierces the air, and immediately both men proceed to briskly cross the street. In a split second I have a moment of confusion. Alarm bells start ringing.

This is not a two-way pedestrian crossing.

As the pedestrian light turns green for one street, the traffic light turns green for the other.

One of my fellow pedestrians has just launched himself into the middle of oncoming traffic.

I quickly look to my left, and confirm the signal to cross was for Mt Eden Road, not Boston Road. I look to my right, and see txting-man still vigorously thumbing away at his composition. He hasn’t even looked up.

In what feels like a scene from a Hollywood movie, I watch txting man obliviously cross the road, as cars around him abruptly stop to avoid running him down.

He safely makes it to the other side and continues on his way, never once looking up. He’s completely unaware of the dangerous situation he just put himself in.

It must have been an amazing txt message.

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3 Responses to Bow before me, for I am txting-man

  1. Alicia says:

    wot do u mean tht da guy ddnt luk up 2 c da trafc w8ing 4 hm? he prob had ipod & hedphns 2!! it mustv bn 1 vry amzng txt msg!

  2. Simon says:

    I am always amazed people walking and txting who walk into you then act as if it is YOUR fault for not getting out of their way!

  3. Ian says:

    I’ve seen the exact same thing, although they caught themselves after a metre or two.

    On the flip side, I sometimes pull my phone out, tip my head forward, and pretend to txt while walking a straight line on the Queen St footpath – it’s amazing and somewhat amusing to see how everyone just gets out of your way.

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