Why borer is bad

When we were in the market for a house, we looked at dozens of villas. Most were riddled with borer. The real estate agents would tell us:

“Oh, but they’re all like that”.


“It’s been there for a hundred years, it’s fine”.


Not all villas have borer. And the very fact that it has been there a hundred years is precisely why a buyer should be worried.

When we finally bought our house, a major buying point (other than it actually being within our price range) was, that it had very little borer. It was built pre 1900s, from quality timber, too hard for borer to infest. This was back in the days when heart kauri was plentiful and cheap as Great Barrier Island was being razed to the ground.

This weekend we stumbled upon some more recent renovations.

The sides of a sash window had been reinforced with a piece of 50mm x 100mm rimu timber.

Even though it would have been a quality, solid piece of timber when installed, it wasn’t hard enough to deter several hundred generations of borer. The timber was completely gnawed through, rendering it about as useful as a corporate picture frame Christmas gift.

Nom, Nom, Nom Why borer is bad Sabre Man  Armed with a Sabre saw, Beau prepares to cut out the dodgey timber supports.

This is why borer is bad*.

*Although, it does mean you get to buy cool power tools.

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  1. David says:

    As long as the borer hang together the house stays up

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