Mousehole is a small picturesque fishing village on the coast of Cornwall. It is known for its narrow lanes, and historic charms. In 1595 Mousehole was destroyed in a raid led by Spaniard Carlos de Amesquita, in one of only two attacks on England by the Spanish. The entire village was burnt to the ground, except for the local pub. It still stands today.

In the 70’s Mousehole was also the home of a family of mus musculus living behind a skirting board in an old Eden Terrace villa. The family home was a bed of toasty warm newspaper shreds. No doubt it would have been warmer than the homosapien’s habitat who were also living there at the time.

Today, Mousehole has long since been abandoned. It is unknown whether the Eden Terrace family left any survivors.

On the weekend the paper enclave was destroyed by the local developers residing there.

Prior to tearing out the home, they conducted a brief half hour investigation, and deduced that the housing was primarily constructed from 70’s newspaper and bus tickets. They also noted that it was nested in a bed of live wiring, and declared the home a safety hazard.

Mousehole and next discovered behind the skirting board Mouse next destruction (taking care to not destroy oneself by tearing ou the wiring) Old Bus Ticket

The developers have since drafted legislation, and taken measures to ensure no other such homes exist in the villa.

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3 Responses to Mousehole

  1. David says:

    How did the Mouse family get their Code Compliance Certificate? I’d ring the City Council, but they’re useless. Like a house I’m interested in: From one source I hear “State Houses didn’t need certificates”, but the helpline didn’t know anything about that and tried to sell me on getting a Safe and Sanitary Report, though he admitted it wasn’t required.

  2. michelle says:

    They were illegal squatters. Of course they built their home prior to 1991, meaning their surviving ancestors would have been entitled to it under the existing use clause.

    (Btw CoC and safe and sanitary reports are mostly bogosity, and little more than another revenue-grabbing tactic on honest home-owners concerned their house might now be illegal. As long as you don’t dig out a giant hobbit hole, or tunnel underneath the neighbour’s house you should be ok)

  3. roger says:

    I can confirm that undermining the neighbours house does get into strife. Well at least according to one of my former employers who dug into a large clay bank belows his neighbours house, in order to make room for a hot tub. Excavation went smoothly until until the wet weather set in.

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