Eight Observations From NZ Election Night

Apparently any serious blogger makes list posts, so here’s mine.

  1. For the first time, since eligible to vote, I picked the winning MP, and party*. I feel like I should get a prize. Oh wait, I’m getting a new government.
  2. Winston Peters shouldn’t drink before giving speeches.
  3. For a politician, John Key has the strongest Nu Ziland accent I’ve heard. I’m not sure whether this makes him adorable or annoying. In any event I wonder whether he requires a translator when visiting the US.
  4. True to form, the media is continuing their black-out on Rodney Hide despite him more than doubling his party’s seats, and forming an integral part of the next government. While we heard the ramblings of Peter Dunne, Tariana Turia, and Winston, all we heard from ACT was the mutterings of a rosey-cheeked Sir Roger Douglas who looked like he had taken one too many swigs of port.
  5. My admiration for Helen Clark has risen two points following her concession speech. (Although she couldn’t help adding a ten second jab about the right destroying her hard work building a foundation of bureaucracy)
  6. Despite her party doing well in the election, all Tariana Turia seemed to want to talk about was this being her last term in government, and how she would be retiring thereafter. Um, if I had voted for her, I’d be pissed. It was like saying “well thanks for voting for me, I suppose I’ll now have to stick it out another three years, but after that I’m off enjoying my gold-studded super-plan.”.
  7. Breaking through a solid nine-year wall of Helengrad would make any Nat giddy. But John Key seemed to have been fantasising about it a bit too long as he made cringe-worthy George-Bush-like entrance to the Sky Convention Centre, surrounded by arm-locked security men with white earpieces.
  8. Who was the dumbass who thought that in the middle of a recession, it would be a good idea to host an election party at the casino?

*Actually, it was the winning coalition partner.

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One Response to Eight Observations From NZ Election Night

  1. Ian says:

    Indeed, I was also impressed with Helen’s speech, however I turned Key’s speech off, as his whole presentation was just embarrassing. Labour was never going to win – four terms ? never going to happen with any party, and I’m sure that’s really why National won – not because they’re better, but because they’re the only alternative, and people feel compelled to vote for them in order to remove Labour.

    Actally, I was sorely tempted to write ‘Obama’ on the voting form and tick it, before handing it in, and would have if I thought anyone with any importance would have actually seen it.

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