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The Emperor’s Buffet

My hotel room is  next to an all-night cabaret show.  When I arrived, reception warned me that the room would be noisy, and that they’d be happy to move me the following day when they would have more available.  I assured … Continue reading

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Plane Rage

The flight to Las Vegas is 100% full.  The passengers are a mixture of the IT stereotype likely attending one of at least two conferences, tourists, retirees, and a few other characters who I’m guessing are hoping to strike their … Continue reading

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Travelling to the US

It’s 10.30am, or 7am, or 4.30pm.  I don’t know, I can’t remember.  I’ve just awakened from a slumber on board NZ2, an Air New Zealand 747 on route to Los Angeles, and my flight is about to land.   It was … Continue reading

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Chaos, Chapter 1, Part Deux

Part 1 is here. — As they left the pub after a few too many pints, Tom’s mind was already racing with everything he needed to do. For the rest of the week he started setting up a home-office in … Continue reading

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Postal Spam

I’m usually relatively cautious when handing out my address. Needless to say, up until recently, postal spam has never been a big issue. That changed when we moved house. From then onwards, there’s been a steady stream of addressed mail … Continue reading

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How many nails does it take to hold up a door frame?

Perhaps one of the best parts in buying a do-up villa, is you get to engage in some healthy destruction. For example, take our master bedroom. It had a fake lowered ceiling, some rough gibbing, damaged walls, and most of … Continue reading

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Chaos, Chapter 1, Part Un

Introduction is here. — “All we need are enough inputs. The genetic algorithm will do the rest. We’ll make millions”, Tom told a skeptical Dan. Tom Winchester had a fascination with genetic algorithms ever since he first learned about them … Continue reading

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