Postal Spam

I’m usually relatively cautious when handing out my address.

Needless to say, up until recently, postal spam has never been a big issue.

That changed when we moved house. From then onwards, there’s been a steady stream of addressed mail from garden centres, curtain manufacturers, credit card companies and even Readers Digest.

This is interesting because at the time we moved we were using a PO Box, and didn’t send out any change-of-address notifications.

In fact, the only institutions who knew our new physical address would have been:

  • Bank
  • Auckland City Council
  • Real estate agency
  • Basic amenities (phone/internet/power/water)
  • Insurance company

Now, I wonder which of the above could have leaked out our postal address to advertising centralia?

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2 Responses to Postal Spam

  1. David says:

    “Such value was placed on nails that it was common practice, when moving, to burn one’s home in order to retrieve them.”

  2. David says:

    I thought I was commenting on the door frame post above.

    postal-spam: I get a lot less junk mail since moving to an apartment. Guess spamming houses is better value than apartments?

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