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Graffiti Code

Spotted just before the Dominion Road pedestrian tunnel: I’m assuming McCain is a variable. But still, I can think of no language where this statement would be syntactically correct. I feel compelled to cross-out the ‘Ln’.

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Hunua Ranges

Finally seeing some sunshine, on the last day of the three day weekend, we decided to head out to the Hunua Ranges for an exploratory day walk. Situated approximately 40 minutes from central Auckland, the Hunua Ranges are an easy … Continue reading

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How To:Make Millions

Search phrase spotted in this site’s search engine traffic history: genetic algorithm predicts stock market source code And here I thought I would get Tom and Dan slaving, bickering, and coding for three years to design a stock market prediction … Continue reading

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14 Things I learned in Las Vegas

The toilets in casinos flush automatically, but only after you almost leave the stall. This took me some time to figure out. Las Vegas has more money than it knows how to spend. Marble toilets, crystal chandeliers bigger than our … Continue reading

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Killer Toothpaste

“Ma’am, step this way please”, says the serious looking TSA official. I’m at McCarran Airport about to start my 16 hour, two-stage journey back to NZ. I’ve negotiated the check-in procedure, and am just passing through security screening. But, an … Continue reading

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Introducing the Blueberry Cheese Croissant

In the interest of science, I feel compelled to try one.  Maybe it will be a whole new taste sensation that I could incorporate into my blueberry muffins? I purchase the croissant, and notice it is dusted with icing sugar, … Continue reading

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Fact of the day

Microsoft were using Visual Source Safe up until 2005.  Apparently releasing Visual Studio 2005 was a major headache. I can’t even begin to imagine developing a product the size of Visual Studio using Source Safe. They must have had an … Continue reading

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