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Dear e-Mail Winner

A few years ago I thought it would be a fun idea to engage in scam-baiting. I replied to several Nigerian emails, but to my dismay nothing happened, my spam didn’t increase, my account wasn’t raided, and no promised riches … Continue reading

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This summer we should see a new artwork installed on the Auckland Waterfront, at the Halsey St. extension The artwork, called Twister, is a tornado shaped steel sculpture lit up with wind sensors creating an illusion that it’s moving. Cool. … Continue reading

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How To: Restore a double hung sash villa window, part 23 of 67 – Reassembly

With summer just around the corner, we were greeted with a lovely sunny weekend, meaning we could finally remove the hardboard from our windows (which may have reduced the tone of the neighbourhood somewhat, particularly after I painted a large … Continue reading

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Murder on Winchester St.

Prior to buying our house last year, we were renting an apartment in town. The apartment block contained 15 units, three on each level, all three bedroom. Rent was $375 per week, quite low for a 65sqm apartment in town. … Continue reading

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Someone done bad here

Spotted today: &server=1&collation_connection=utf8_general_ci &db=unite&table=membership_form_info&pos=0 &session_max_rows=30&disp_direction=horizontal&repeat_cells=100 &dontlimitchars=1&sql_query=SELECT+*FROM+%60membership_form_info%60+ +ORDER+BY+%60employer%60+ASC (Company URL changed slightly to prevent the irresistible urge to see what happens after doing: lang=en-utf-8&server=1&collation_connection=utf8_general_ci &db=unite&sql_query=DROP table *) This is why most ‘hacking’ is done from the browser’s address bar. … Continue reading

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Oh, the Irony

It’s good to see The New Zealand Herald recognizes an apostrophe does not mean ‘Holy shit here comes an ‘s”. But then in the next article they seem to have taken their own advice a little too seriously and miss … Continue reading

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