How To: Instantly landscape backyard

  1. Phone helpful people at Auckland Landscape Supplies.
  2. Order three cubic metres of leaf mulch for $30 per m, plus $55 for delivery.  Leaf mulch is twigs, small branches, and leaves/shrubs that have been through a shredder.  It’s dense and spicy smelling, resembling forest ground cover and makes for an attractive weed suppressant.
  3. Wait for nice friendly Auckland Landscape Supply truck to deliver on Sunday morning.

    We had 3 cubic metres of mulch delivered.  By this point, approximately half of it had already been moved to the back.

  4. Obtain assistance from Kumeu Macgyverisms Ltd for creating a ramping mechanism to transfer mulch to backyard.

    Mulch transfer innovations, brought to you by Kumeu Macgyverisms Ltd. And back for more. Transfer

  5. Shovel mulch into wheelbarrows and deliver to back yard with the much appreciated help from H & C.
  6. Have lunch.
  7. Transfer mulch into garden.

    Instant landscaping. End result


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