Beautiful Boobies

Blue Footed BoobiesAt lunchtime today I, along with thousands of other Aucklanders, was able to appreciate boobies as dozens of women made their way down Queen Street on bikes and various other modes of transport.

There were boobies of all sorts. Small ones, pert ones, droopy ones, round ones, gigantic ones, and even some made from silicon. They were all beautiful. And I admire the girls who braved the cold to express their rights to bare their chests.

What I did not admire was the group of protesters, which included four Auckland City Councillors.

While I respect their democratic right to free speech, I nonetheless would have hoped, given the council representation, their protest would have contained some substance.

The basis of their message was that porn leads to rape and sexual exploitation.

I would love to know where they came up with this. Because according to all sources I could find, there is no proven link between pornography and an increase in sexual violence. There is however, a proven direct correlation between sexual repression and sexual violence.

To a large extent sexual violence is about power and exploitation. It stands to reason that the more liberated women are, the less violence they are likely to face.

But regardless of the amount of repression in a society one fact remains unchanged. Men love boobies. Men have always loved boobies, and will always love boobies. And contrary to what a bunch of Auckland City representatives say, wanting to see boobies does not make any of us immoral.

Bring on the boobies.

See them all here.

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  1. lookatmyip says:

    You don’t get it. Men don’t necessarily like women advertising their boobs publicly, teasing men – just like at work, men already don’t like when women are teasing them, like by staring at them with sexy eyes, with men kind of knowing they’re not willing to go further anyway (themselves often not even interested), not sure if you know what I’m talking about 😉

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