An Ideal World

After finishing dinner, Beau picks up the central Auckland newspaper.

“Ooh there’s a boobs on bike parade”, exclaims B. “Oh, but John Banks is against it” he says, reading from the article.

“Hm, why’s that?” I ask.

“Well, he says that ‘in an ideal world’, we wouldn’t have boobs on bikes, but unfortunately we don’t live in an ‘ideal world’.”

“That’s odd”, I say. “I would have thought in an ideal world we’d all be naked, we’d shop naked, drive naked, heck we’d even turn up to work naked, unless maybe it was really cold.”

“Indeed”, agrees B. “Although that’s a little more far-out than my idea of ‘Underpants Thursday’.”

“What?!” I question.

“Underpants Thursday – where on Thursdays it would be compulsory for everyone to go to work wearing just their underpants”


“You know, it would be a sure way of combating the obesity epidemic.”

“Hm”, I ponder. “Now, that would be cool.”

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3 Responses to An Ideal World

  1. happy says:

    in the summer here (uk) it is quite the fashion to remove ones shirt to reduce the effect of the extreme heat. unfortunately it has not impacted obesity rates at all so i suspect that underpants thursday will not work either (:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Underpants Thursday is a great idea!

    You start :) We’ll follow!

  3. roger says:

    Having watched my brother-in-law fix my car in his underpants because he was too hot my enthusiasm for Underpants Thursday is somewhat dampened. I have to agree with happy that Underpants Thursday may have no impact on ones selfesteem and the way we view our own body shape; as evidenced by the vast quantity of beer consumed whilst fixing the car.

    Although I’m not opposed to underpants in the workplace I believe that they should, in most cases, be covered by a layer of outer clothing. Then there is occupational health and safetly to consider. I mean to say the average office kitchen is bad enough. Musical chairs on Fridays would definitely be out.

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