Search Fest

I’ve been browsing my referring search engine traffic statistics. (These are the queries users type into Google to get to this site.)

So much varied and interesting traffic. The majority of visits are for tui feeders, laptop hinges, and excitement on Ruapehu.

But here’s a selection of the more intriguing non-Ruapehu-related search phrases:

  • Rat catchingRat termination is our specialty
  • Bagel and a smear – Yup, nothing like a peanut butter bagel while having your annual smear
  • Hacker para death by hinge
  • The hinges broke on my laptop – Thanks for sharing, the Google appreciates your contribution
  • How nearly everything was invented – Oil?
  • Wisdom teeth self extraction – It’s surprising just how frequent this query (or slight variations thereof) is. Perhaps I can avoid a pricey dentist bill after all?
  • Moving house leave cat behindNo, no, no!
  • Do rats hate vinegar? – They don’t seem to mind it too much, particularly balsamic vinegar mixed with baking soda. Don’t know about the cheaper stuff though.
  • Scratching sound in the kitchen ceiling – Because Google knows everything
  • How to gas rats
  • Own bags trigger weight sensor self checkout – Duh
  • How to cheat self checkoutsUh-oh what have I done?
  • Price of camembert is it increasing due to petrol increase? – Um, dunno maybe?
  • Maori fetish objects – Huh?
  • 11 sided thing – A hendecagon or undecagon
  • Cookie cuttersFor experimental dissection of stichaster australis
  • Rail tunnel eden terrace – D’oh, I knew we should have gotten that LIM report!
  • Agent eden terrace – Sshh 009 lives in the purple house across the street

The list goes on.

It’s almost as exciting as browsing used library receipts, I could spend hours trawling through these…

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