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Felix von Luckner, The Sea Devil

I first heard of Count Felix von Luckner on a new year’s trip to Motutapu Island. A visit to the library finally revealed the full story of his amazing life, and unique place in New Zealand history. Von Luckner was … Continue reading

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Cultural Differences

I’m a subscriber to Joel On Software. He has a knack for writing interesting posts interspersed with entertaining anecdotes on how to, and how not to, write software. One of the points he is particularly strong on, and one which … Continue reading

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How to: Set Up a Wiki on Windows Vista

In Linux this is reasonably straight forward, consisting of two steps: Install a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) server Install a wiki distribution And if you are running Ubuntu or similar, chances are you can do this in a single … Continue reading

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Wainamu Walk

Waterfalls, sand dunes, a lake, a stream, native forest, and a hint of danger is all on offer on this über-rugged tramp less than an hour’s drive from Auckland. At Dave’s suggestion we decided to make the most of a … Continue reading

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Beautiful Boobies

At lunchtime today I, along with thousands of other Aucklanders, was able to appreciate boobies as dozens of women made their way down Queen Street on bikes and various other modes of transport. There were boobies of all sorts. Small … Continue reading

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I’m sitting in my excel spreadsheet raft spear-fishing for a build issue in the Visual Source Safe pond, when I’m jolted back to reality by a loud thump coming from the neighbour’s house. The alarm clock reads 4.20am. Then there … Continue reading

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Waikato Flooding

The weekend weather forecast torrential rain. A storm “bigger than the size of New Zealand”, apparently. We didn’t experience any of it up here, but it seems our Waikato neighbours fared less well. Our road trip to Nikau Cave revealed … Continue reading

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