Urban Tramping: Eden Terrace to Oakley Creek

My closet fantasy is to run a marathon (and save the world in dramatic Macgyver-style fashion). To help facilitate this (the running part, that is), we often go on a weekend urban exploration run, and this Sunday, decided to check out Oakley Creek.

Oakley Creek is a reserve situated along Great North Road, with reserve entrance at the Great North Road/Western Motorway Interchange. The reserve is 1 -2km in length, winding its way along a scenic stream, complete with waterfall, native bush, and the occasional mini-rapids.

The Oakley Creek Walkway is dedicated to the memory of Beverly Price, an accomplished mountaineer and tramper, who campaigned to turn the creek into a reserve and walkway. Tragically, she died in the Mt Erebus Plan Crash.

Today, the reserve is a lovely spot to escape the hecticity of urban life, and all within walking/running distance from the central city.

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To get there from Eden Terrace, these two urban explorers ended up taking the long route due to not being equipped with a map, and the walkway not well signposted.

However, to take in the most of Auckland POIs*, I recommend the following more optimised route:

Starting at Eden Terrace, head through Kingsland, checking out the Ponsonby wannabe Mommy’s Coffee Club, before taking a turn down Western Springs Road to Fowlds Park.

Morning mist over Fowlds Park

Head towards the Chamberlain Golf Course, stopping for a stretch break at the old 1942 anti-aircraft battery.

Stretch Stop

Then, continue on along the North Western Cycle/Walkway past the old Oakley Mental Hospital (now Unitech), before reaching the reserve entrance at the Great North Road intersection.

Oakley Mental Hosipital (now Unitech) Oakley Creek Walkway Waterfall

Ramble along the walkway, and head back via tree-lined streets, oggling at some lovely old villas along the way, as well as the occasional sorer view of urban decay.

Old Villa Urban Decay

All-up our trek/run took in about 17km of local scenic delights, although taking the direct route, a return trip from Eden Terrace would be closer to 10km.

View all photos here.

* That’s Points Of Interest, if you’ve never worked at Navman

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4 Responses to Urban Tramping: Eden Terrace to Oakley Creek

  1. David says:

    Waterfalls in Auckland suburbia? Come on, it’s a storm pipe outlet right?

    Nice photos!

  2. Simon says:

    That’s the biggest waterfall in the central Auckland area I believe.

  3. michelle says:

    It’s an actual stream/creek, really. Although, it would need some serious treatment before I’d be making hot chocolates from the water running through it.

  4. Helen Wenley says:

    I walked the Oakley Creek walkway today and it has improved a great deal since I last visited. The waterfall is 6 metres high and the only one on the Auckland isthmus. It is well worth a visit.

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