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Sifty Marketing, Part Deux

Spotted in the Downtown Foodtown Supermarket. A good reason why you should always remember to take your Onecard with you when shopping. Just think, if I’d bought like, 1000 500g packets of cous cous, I could have saved, like, $10.00!

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1970s Computer Operator Wanted

We discovered an old newspaper classified section stuffed into a plastered hole in one of our window frames. There weren’t any dates, but the phone numbers, and miscellaneous other clues suggest it was probably from January 1976. Amongst the wanted … Continue reading

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Danger! High Voltage!

Just when we were about to go to bed, an army of firemen, firetrucks, cameras, and some sort of hazmobile park themselves in front of the smiley house.* The neighbours had a gas leak, with the power earthed through the … Continue reading

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Sifty Marketing

Now I appreciate that the marketing division at SC Johnson must be under pressure to come up with new creative ways to get consumers to buy more of their product sooner. But surely this is a bit mean? What next, … Continue reading

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The End of Mustard

It’s Thursday night and Beau is traveling down the North Western Motorway, en route to pick me up from the Auckland Blood Donor Centre. His plans are thwarted. Suddenly there’s a bang and an immediate very disturbing rattling noise emanating … Continue reading

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Password Paradox

Mandy, a lovely and talented young coder has just finished work on one of the graphics components for our company software. She wanders over to the test server to validate her changes. She hits Ctrl-Alt-Delete, types in her password and … Continue reading

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Naughty Hackers

Pasted from an IM converation with Beau earlier today: B says: I just had a thought, do you think our server is slow because of http port forwarding¬†on the router? B says: It could be hackers M says: Oh no! … Continue reading

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