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The exciting world of IT

I’ve been watching back-to-back episodes of 24. It’s embarrassingly cheesy in a post 9/11 sort of way. There are the completely implausible story lines accompanied by an Obama-like president, magic technology and all interspersed with lots of torture. But I’m … Continue reading

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Debunking Global Warming

Global warming is now finally being recognized as a real phenomenon. What still remains hotly debated though, is whether this phenomenon is a natural occurrence, or a direct consequence of carbon emissions. (In reality it is probably a combination of … Continue reading

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How To: Restore a Double Hung Villa Window, Part 4 of 67 – Repair

Shoddy glazing, cracked glass, and some old brittle putty, all contributed to leakage, and wood rot in the bottom piece of timber of one of the sash window frames. The rot was well concealed through layers of paint, and a … Continue reading

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How To: Restore a Double Hung Villa Window, Part 3 of 67 – Glazing

The problem with deciding to renovate an old sash window is knowing when to stop. The Mitre 10 do-up team would just slap on yet another coat of paint. But, in our case that would produce mixed results at best. … Continue reading

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The Great Muffin Conspiracy

It’s Thursday night, and Beau has just picked me up from the blood donor centre. We continue on to Greenlane Supermarket for some post-donating supplies (aka fresh pasta, marshmallows and hot chocolate). Along the way I spot the baking aisle … Continue reading

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Fermenting Coke

There appears to be a direct correlation between the consumption of gin & tonics and mortgage size. To this effect I have decided to acquire a still and have more control over my alcoholic habits. Unlike most countries, alcohol distillation … Continue reading

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Kitchen Convention

Spotted on our kitchen bench. I think they were forming a prayer circle to their sugar daddy.  But alas the one at the top just wasn’t cool enough to be allowed to take part.

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