The Great Muffin Conspiracy

It’s Thursday night, and Beau has just picked me up from the blood donor centre. We continue on to Greenlane Supermarket for some post-donating supplies (aka fresh pasta, marshmallows and hot chocolate).

Along the way I spot the baking aisle and am over-come with the urge to make chocolate muffins. I have to buy some chocolate chips.

As I reach for the packet of chocolate bits on the shelf, as I have done so money times before, I notice that they’re (now?) called ‘Choc Bits’, rather than ‘Chocolate Bits’.

This sends off an uncomfortable alarm bell.

Legally a product must contain at least 20% cocoa for manufactures to be allowed to label it chocolate. If they cut costs by substituting that vital ingredient, then it’s not chocolate, and they must call it something different. ‘Choc’ is often a popular alternate name. No doubt the lacking cocoa is well made up for with bovine hoofy goodness, and complex chemical concoctions that would make my brain hurt.

Intrigued, I now turn my attention to the actual price of this once essential and trusted baking item. $4.79. Holy shit, that’s nearly $5.00, for 250g of ‘choc bits’, or a batch of muffins.

Choc Bits Dairy Milk Chocolate

Frazzled, I promptly place the packet back on the shelf, and briskly walk over to the confectionery aisle. There, I see you can buy an equivalent sized 250g block of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate for $3.00.

It was a difficult choice to make, pricey pseudo-wannabe-chocolate against a block of decadent melt-in-your mouth desserty sweetness.

A day later, I can now report that chocolate muffins made with a block of Dairy Milk chocolate taste about as good as you imagine they would. Soft, sweet, and chocolatey.

Just divine.

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