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Development Solutions, Part 1

Today I started my new role, which initially involves configuring Team System/Team Foundation Server (TFS), and other build and release processes for a medium-sized company. TFS is a Microsoft product that provides an all encompassing development environment solution including source … Continue reading

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How To: Build a Tui Feeder (prototype)

This weekend’s project was to build a prototype (tui) bird feeder. The design took in the following considerations: Birds like to perch and crap. Therefore a solid base is not ideal. A bird-feeder will attract cats, particularly in Eden Terrace. … Continue reading

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How To: Restore a Double Hung Villa Window, Part 2 of 67 – Catches

Our window catches have been covered with several layers of paint and rust. Most had siezed and probably not moved in many decades. Needless to say they looked a little worse for wear. However, with the help of an electric … Continue reading

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Guerilla Gardening

I bought a few hundred daffodil bulbs off trademe for the price of a couple of movie tickets. My initial plan was to plant them down the side of our house, but I soon decided that would be much too … Continue reading

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Cape Reinga Coastal Walkway/Tramp

Having a bonus week off meant we could take a four-day weekend up into the rugged, remote, and completely cellular free Northland to do the Cape Reinga Coastal Walk. This is a 3 – 4 day 45km coastal tramp offering … Continue reading

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Step this way please Sir

It’s Friday, and my last day with The Company. I’m doing a hand-over to my replacement, Ahmed Ali. Ahmed is from the Mother Company, contracting to The Company. He is a very amicable and talented chap, and fortunately already has … Continue reading

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Email Etiquette

One of my pet peeves is malformed and badly written email. It can be rather frustrating receiving the following style of email: “The system is BROKEN!!!!!!!! This is unacceptable and Need’s to be fixed immediatly……….“ Conversely, my favourite emails are … Continue reading

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