The IHC Pool

Having a case of blogger’s block, and in need of procrastination after attempting more window rennovations and only completing the destructive part, I decided to investigate the IHC Pool.

The IHC Pool is the name of a cargo ship that seems to be a frequent visitor to the Waitamata harbour, and which we first spotted in 2004. It is also the source of a constant trickle of traffic to this site from users googling it.

While I have not engaged in official ship-spotting, I have also on occasion noticed it hanging out at the Chelsea Sugar Refinery.

What is this mysterious ship up to? And why are so many users searching for it?

With our Internet restored to broadband speed (after being sufficiently punished for excessive downloading), I sought, and The Google provided.

The IHC Pool was established by Pacifc Basin Shipping Limited in 2001. It is a pool of around 40 cargo ship carriers, The International Handybulk Carriers (IHC).

Most of Pacific Basin’s shipping is provided through the IHC Pool. The pool specialises in shipping minor bulk including fertilisers, cement, minerals, grains, and iron and steel. The IHC Pool vessels are between 25,000 to 35,000 tonnes in size.

The company’s headquaters are in Hong Kong with around 260 employees.

So it would appear that distinctive blue ship is probably never the same one.

However, it doesn’t explain why it hangs out at the sugar refinery.

Further investigations are required.

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4 Responses to The IHC Pool

  1. Justin P. says:

    Found it in my town of Portland, OR USA. She’s actually on Google Maps, using coordinates 45.537239,-122.678817 …zoom all the way in. The spot where she’s loading is a grain transfer station.

  2. Sabrina says:

    Saturday August 6, 2011
    The IHC Pool Port Phillip has just arrived in Coos Bay, OR USA. The Pacific Basin ships usually load up logs in Coos Bay.

  3. Sabrina says:

    Saturday August 27, 2011
    The Pacific Basin Timaru Star has just arrived for more logs in Coos Bay, OR USA.
    I wonder how many trees are shipped out each month. I think they are being shipped to Hong Kong. This ship must be the rust-bucket of the fleet; it really needs a paint job.

  4. Matt & Stephanie Holstein says:

    Spotted in eureka, california at a wood pulp mill

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