Guerilla Gardening

I bought a few hundred daffodil bulbs off trademe for the price of a couple of movie tickets.

My initial plan was to plant them down the side of our house, but I soon decided that would be much too boring.

Instead, I could plant them on the council grass verge between the road and footpath.

Better yet, I could stealthily plant them on the neighbour’s grass verges as well. Just a handful.

I could write a secret daffodil message up the entire street. It would even be visible from the motorway.

Alas, Beau summoned me back to reality, and suggested maybe we just plant a few bulbs around the council’s Titoki tree in front of the porch, just to see if they (the council) would mind.

I compromised with a large smiley face.

I can’t wait until spring.

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