Wisdom Teeth, Self-Extraction

Yes, I admit to googling this.

Alas neither Google, nor YouTube could arm me with sufficient instructional guidance to engage in a self-exploratory mission.

That, and the fact my pain tolerance is a pittance of that of my forebears.

So, I am told that I need to lose my wisdom teeth ASAP (this week would be good), as apparently they will cause me problems later.

Now, granted, I have no medical training, nor have I any dentistry experience, so my Internet-researched self-diagnosis doesn’t carry much weight with that of a professional. Still, I can’t help but feel, that preemptive wisdom teeth removal is the latest fad in dentistry. People a generation older than me seem baffled with the concept of wisdom-teeth extraction, and their wisdoms remain generally unharrassed.

The fundamental issue is, that if wisdom teeth do not have ample jaw-space, they can become problematic in later life.

Much like a mature tree planted on a slope, wisdom teeth can tilt with age, putting undue pressure on the second molar, increasing the risk of tooth decay and other related problems (which may be difficult to treat).

Note, the emphasis on can.

However, unlike removing appendix or tonsils, wisdom teeth extraction becomes increasingly difficult with age, hence the recommendations of preemptive removal.

For best results extraction should be done under the age of 25, when the jaw is still relatively soft, and facial nerves around the jaw not as established thereby reducing surgical risk (and why the apparent urgency in my case).

The main risk associated with the operation is facial paralysis, resulting in around 10% of cases, although it usually sorts itself out after a few months. Nonetheless, permanently resembling Sylvester Stallone is a real possibility, and (for me) not a very desirable surgical outcome.

Ideally, I would like to see a three-dimensional graph of surgical risk, against age, against risk of complications with avoiding extractions altogether. Without it, I’m unconvinced I should impart with a good down payment on a 1978 Mini Clubman for a rather risky and painful operation, on the off chance I might have teething issues when I’m 64.

I feel ignorantly compelled to follow my standard philosophy on these matters which is, that a great way to save money* is, to not visit a dentist and instead follow a procedure of anal oral care.

Thus far it seems to have served me reasonably well.

Or maybe I’m just being frugal.

*And also possibly not buy a mini

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