The Hall of Shame, Part I

My new hobby: Photographing red-light runners.

Since surrendering the metal armour of my trusty 626 in favour for walking to work, I think my chances of being involved in a serious accident have increased dramatically.

I have been:

  • Beeped at when crossing with the pedestrian light (Ferry Building Intersection)
  • Running for cover when crossing major intersections during the pedestrian crossing phase (Fanshawe Street).
  • Sworn at when crossing at pedestrian crossings (Franklin Road)
  • Honked at by the bus driver bullying his way through a busy crowd of pedestrians, also during the green-man transition (Queen Street)

Some of these happen on a daily basis, usually during rush hour. The worst offenders are the left-red-light-arrow runners.

Often, drivers will stop when the traffic lights turn red, partly because they still have to travel across the entire intersection, sometimes in oncoming traffic, thereby increasing the risk to themselves. Not so the left-red-light-arrow runners. With them, different rules apply.

Because they’re just nipping around the corner, and it’s a very short distance, they are only exposing themselves to minimal risk.

However, the problem is, after the arrow has turned red, the pedestrian light turns green, and as brave pedestrians step onto the road to cross, they often have to jump right back out of the way for dear life, as yet another (and another) red-light runner crosses their path.

While I have entertained many elaborate fantasies on how to educate these pedestrian-phobic drivers, I have now instead resolved to carrying a camera with me on my daily rambles.

So be warned, if you run another red light, you might just be photographed and published in the a hall of shame.

Here’s today’s pick taken at the Quay Street intersection by the Old Ferry Building:

Even after the traffic light turns red, seen in the top right hand corner, there is a continuing stream of traffic passing through. The beeping is because one of the red-light runners rudely held up those behind them when they slowed down to turn left (possibly slowing down to avoid hitting peds).

Maybe I will set up to showcase the worst offenders with a database searchable on number plates.

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4 Responses to The Hall of Shame, Part I

  1. David Moore says:

    There is already RoadWatch (NZ Police) and Snapt .

  2. Simon says:

    I almost got run over by some guy who didn’t want to stop at a pedestrian crossing in a car park (despite me being ON the crossing) yesterday. Unfortunately for him I still had my car keys in my hand and as he went past they ‘accidentally’ scraped all down the drivers side of his car.

    He really should have been more careful.

    And one time someone else did the same thing just as my arm happened to up and they drove their car aerial (which was at the back of the car) right into my outstretched hand. My hand was fine.

    The aerial was somewhat bent.

    Another bad place for red light runners is the traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing on Symonds Street (in front of Suck-a-nana and Bian). People there don’t even see the red lights and just go right through.

    My solution would be 50 cal. machine guns on every street corner….

  3. michelle says:

    Beau suggested I start taking my umbrella with me, so I could stab those threatening vehicles (in self defence of course), although I thought a TKD side-kick would be more effective…

    Some sort of pocket spray, that sprayed ‘red light runner’ onto the side offending cars would be cool too, we could sell it and make millions…

  4. Ian says:

    I live above a fairly major intersection and see people turning on a red left arrow all day long. I believe that in some countries this is legal, but I can’t imagine that *all* these drivers learned to drive overseas.

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