Three Day Weekend in Christchurch, Part Trois – Urban Tramping

Christchurch is a fantastic place for urban tramping.

For breakfast stop by at the award-winning Copenhagen Bakery on Amargh St for a croissant and coffee.

From there, visit Johnson’s Grocer on Colombo Street, not far from Kilmore St, to stock up on supplies. This is a traditional grocery store, with a lovely Mr Johnson waiting to serve you. Goodies are stacked floor to ceiling, ranging from specialty English teas, traditional liquorice, mustard, and all things edible to slightly less edible items such as twiglets.

At this point it may become apparent that fully laden back-packs are not required, so after stocking up on Yorkshire’s finest tea, head back over to The Square to deposit your Macpacs at the automated 24 hour lockers for $2.

From there, ramble past the river towards the arts centre, to stock-up on fudge in order to be fully prepared for the freezing trek ahead.

Then, wander onwards to the Botanical Gardens and through to Hagley Park. From Hagley Park, explore Riccarton House and Dean’s cottage and Bush. Dean’s Bush is the only remnant of the Canterbury kahikatea flood plain forest. It is a heritage site, and showcases some 300 – 600 year old kahikatea trees.

If not too tired out, head over to Mona Vale for more garden and old-house watching, before returning back to town for lunch.

Heading back into town, make a beeline directly for the Copenhagen bakery for superb vegetarian pies filled with seasonal veges, almonds and a soft curry sauce, all wrapped in a gorgeous in-house pastry.

And from there continue to ramble along the river, in search of lamp-posts before reluctantly taking the shuttle back home.

View all photos for Part Trois here.

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  1. Carol Bisseker says:

    This was very true however Johnsons and Mona vale have both been badly damaged in the February 22 earthquake, johnsons has been demolished – will miss, and Mona Vales future is up in the air, Cophagen – loved their food, is in the red zonethey areon the ground floor of the PwC building that has structural damage and next to one thats beign demolished and in the fall zone of another o so not open.

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