Campaign for Better Transport – Auckand Airport Rail Link

A couple of months ago I bought some cheap flights to Christchurch on

Now, we just need to determine how to get to the airport.

Option 1
Walk up to Symonds St, and catch the airport shuttle at $14 one way per person. Total cost return for two people: $56. This is more than what the flights cost.

Option 2
Take a taxi. Total cost: approximately $100.

Option 3
Take ‘Ol Mustard (the 1971 gasphillic Holden) and pay $48 for 3 days parking.

Only in Auckland would Option 3 be the most cost effective option.

Fortunately I’m not the only one who sees deficiencies with the current city to airport transportation. Campaign for Better Transport, who were also responsible for reinstating the Onehunga rail link, propose another rather obvious and efficient public transport solution.

Campaign for Better Transport propose building integrated electric rail extending south from Onehunga to the airport. The land for this has already been set aside by Transit. But, there is one obstacle, and that comes in a big body of water otherwise known as the Manukau harbour.

Instead of considering to build a second rail crossing, or a second Manukau Harbour motorway crossing with integrated rail, Transit is adamant that the only option is to spend $250 million on a car-only second harbour crossing.

This, in spite of rising petrol prising and increasing demand for a airport rail link. <sigh/>

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  1. Xolodilnik says:

    If it’s a weekday you can catch a Stagecoach bus too, though this involves a transfer at Mangere Town Centre.

  2. Simon says:

    These guys are a bit cheaper than parking at the airport itself:

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