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New World Self-Service Check-outs

New World at Victoria park has four self-serve check-outs. For the most part the system is pretty intuitive and convenient to use. The user interface guiding users through the scanning and payment process is actually very well designed. The basic … Continue reading

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Convenience Fees and the new Internet Tax

Chances are if you have tried to use Internet banking to pay your rates, taxes, infringement notices, or anything else even slightly government related you will have noticed the following: A x% convenience fee will be charged for using this … Continue reading

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Motorway Logistics

Statistically, you are likely to be in the lane with the most cars. The lane with the most cars is also always the slowest. Hence, basic probability theory suggests you will usually be in the slowest lane. Therefore, in order … Continue reading

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The Old Windows Con

I needed a place to record some conversion notes. I type ‘vi con.txt’. However, this induces some very argumentative behaviour in vi, and ultimately results in my file not being saved. A quick check reveals nothing seriously wrong with my … Continue reading

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The Electoral Finance Act

There has been considerable controversy over the electoral finance act and rightly so. The New Zealand Law Society, and Human Rights Commission raised serious concerns over it, but the labour government nonetheless bulldozed it through. New laws came into effect … Continue reading

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The Case of the Dodgey Parking Signs, La Conclusion

Parts I and II of this trilogy can be found here and here. After more than a month’s absence, the parking signs on the Queen St motorway overbridge have returned. And this time very securely mounted. Even the regional OSH … Continue reading

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sanitise [san-i-tahyz] verb: (used with object), -tised, -tising. Activities conducted for the purpose of maintaining ones sanity. For example, taking a weekend off from prolonged plastering on a do-up villa in Eden Terrace. To clear the mind of work by … Continue reading

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