I went for my usual Thursday lunchtime run up Mt Eden today.

I had plodded about 2/3 of the way up the mountain when I boldly decided I would charge the rest of the way to the summit.

My legs started to simultaneously burn and turn to jello, my heart felt like it was doing 250 bpm, and the air never felt so exhilarating as it reached my lungs. Despite near complete exhaustion, I told myself it was all in the mind, and pushed on.

I must have looked quite the sight because when I reached the top I was applauded by a group of Chinese tourists.

Although they didn’t speak English, they then motioned they wanted to take my picture. Still somewhat delirious from the lack of oxygen I happily obliged.

There now exist around dozen photos of a giddily smiling, very flushed-looking Auckland girl standing alongside various equally happy-looking Chinese men.

But I wonder if any of them noticed I was wearing my Viagra cap?

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