The Business of Web Hosting

If you are reading this, then my web-host site transfer was successful.

Up until now my site was hosted by Kiwi Web Hosting. I was on the 100Mb plan for $168 per year. However, since installing wordpress (blog), I’ve been running low on disk space, and as a trial started uploading new photos on to Flickr (for free).

Flickr actually works very well, and integrates nicely with wordpress by way of the falbum plugin. However the standard free flickr account is limited to 200 photos and they are not high resolution. Unlimited storage on Flickr would cost $USD 25 – which on its own is not really that much (but adds up if you’re also paying for web-hosting space).

So when I was invoiced for another 12 months at $1.60 per Mb, I began investigating other options. (Although I should point out that I was otherwise quite happy with Kiwi Web Hosting, and their price plans were comparable with other NZ hosting companies.)

Nonetheless, it seems as a guideline, unless you are running a large web-commerce site, you shouldn’t pay more than $10 per month for hosting.

I have now switched to Bluehost, which is recommended by wordpress and also several sites here in NZ, for approx $USD 80 per year.

Here is what I get:

  • 1.5Gb of storage (that’s 15x more than what I previously had)
  • Full support with wordpress
  • Unlimited email addresses and subdomains. This is cool – I’ve already created,, and Internet be warned!
  • Image gallery software for hosting photos
  • Lots of cool web-commerce tools, such as shopping carts, database support, security etc. This will come in handy when I sell my killer-product and make millions.
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