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Traffic Spotting

The easiest way to determine your site’s Interweb success is to analyze the traffic logs. However, downloading raw traffic logs from the web-host and writing a perl script to extract something meaningful probably isn’t what most people envisage doing on … Continue reading

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Wanted: An 11-sided cookie cutter

Our recent caving expedition produced numerous photos of starfish. This then prompted a wiki investigation. Nom, Nom, Nom – Sun Star (Stichaster Australis) vomits its way through some mussels at the Bay with the Dragon Boat Rock. This particular starfish … Continue reading

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Job Stalking

I found out that my previous employer was advertising for my old position. This immediately prompted a bit of job-stalking. The problem with job-stalking is that it inevitably leads to job-browsing. I soon found out that while I’m on a … Continue reading

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Nom, Nom, Nom

Spotted in the Star Mart on the waterfront: Not sure what troubles me more, the fact that you can buy instant cheese burger in a bag, or the fact that it was the last one left on the shelf.

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84/85 Aint Bad

On this Easter weekend trademe gave to me: 10 mondo grasses 3 glass ceiling lights 2 park bench ends 1 crappy mantle and a 2m tall ponga to dig out for free Yes, trademe sure is a treasure trove if … Continue reading

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Caving Excitement at the Bay with the Dragon Boat Rock

On a recent tramp, Dave was imparted with the secret knowledge of some dramatic sea caves just outside of Auckland. We had to investigate. We took a couple of LED torches, but little did we know that we could have … Continue reading

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