Iconifying Spaghetti Junction

Once upon a magical time, having solved all of the city’s more pressing problems, the council decided to listen to the remaining complaint from the public and finally devote its attention to upgrading its logo. After spending upwards of a million dollars on this tremendously daunting task, they replace
Old Logo

New Logo

Despite the stunning success of the logo, it causes an immediate legal dispute with Triangle TV, who audaciously claim the logo is too similar to their own:

Triangle Logo

Not wanting to roll back to the dark days of the old logo, the council fights to win this battle and luckily are able to come to an agreement which lets them continue using their logo, provided they change it slightly. Auckland residents are relieved and delighted – this new logo so accurately captures the pride and excitement they feel everyday as an Aucklander.

Meanwhile back in reality, motorists are grumpy, and couldn’t give a flying *$&# what the current logo is. Even if they did, its blandness creates a sense of insignificance and lack of identity. At the same time, petrol prices are going up, and commuters are still spending hours each day stuck in traffic.

Our affair with congestion has become a cultural quirk. If you’re in a taxi, ask your driver about traffic. If you encounter that awkward silence on your first date, and you are struggling to find common ground, bring up traffic. If you’re going to get into trouble by your spouse for staying too late at the pub after work, stop by at the dairy for confectionery and when you get home mention traffic.

Whinging about traffic is what makes us Aucklanders, it unites us, and is our common interest. So, lets take that into account when coming up with our own city logo. And what better way to capture all this, than to use a diagram of Central Motorway Junction (affectionately termed Spaghetti Junction by its frustrated daily 200,000+ users).

Central Motorway Junction

Central Motorway Junction is an extraordinary engineering accomplishment. It is New Zealand’s most complex roading architecture, and arguably the world’s most complicated 4 way interchange (and it’s still not complete).

Typically motorway interchanges use a cloverleaf, or clover stack design, as this one here in Den Hague, Netherlands:

View Larger Map

Not so the CMJ, it has come to symbolize everything that’s wrong with our transport infrastructure – an incredible lack of foresight and planning, a clogged artery, and a lack of alternative transport options.

It has been a work in progress since the 1950s. CMJ has had lanes tacked on and others abandoned on an as needed basis, and its tentacles continue to spread. It has evolved into something that more resembles a clump of tapeworms feasting on last night’s dinner, than any normal interchange. And that is a remarkable engineering feat.

So, no more boring logos for us, lets use something that is instantly recognized by all, a conversation starter, an NZ icon in its own right, and something that will give the council the motivation it needs to address the public transport issues.

My name is Michelle and I propose adopting CMJ as the new Auckland city logo.

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