The Boat People

After work, I wandered down along the water-front to meet Beau for an ice cream at Valentino’s Gelato. Along the way, I noticed a number of out-of-place-looking fellow wanderers.

Pleated pants, mono-coloured (or drably-patterned) shirts, leather walking shoes with pulled up socks, and the odd camera hanging around their front. These people aren’t your ordinary tourists; no, they are known as ‘the boat people’.

Sure enough as I made my way around Princess Wharf, I was greeted by the towering presence of Crystal Serenity – yet another cruise ship that had docked for a few days.

Visitors from cruise ships all seem to have a very distinctive look. Their attire is simple and not accessorised, smart but incredibly dull and boring, and just a little bit out-of-place. Imagine what your parents might wear to church.

They come in all age groups, although are predominately people in their 50’s. If you happen to bump into them, they will most likely have an American accent, and be very polite and softly spoken.

They will wander around town, but you will not see them study a map. They will provide stores like Prada, Mt Blanc, and Louis Vuitton with their main stream of revenue. For 1 – 2 days they will be everywhere on and around Queen St, and then overnight they will all disappear.

And you won’t see them again until the next shipment arrives.

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