Next time, must take gloves

We were heading past St Lukes, and I suggested to Beau dropping in at Plant Barn to see if they had a Jacaranda tree.

Of course I was being rather crafty, my real reason for wanting to go to Plant Barn was to check out their dumpster.* We drove in, parked in the over-flow car-park, and then, much to Beau’s growing embarrassment, I made a beeline directly towards the dumpster. I was not to be disappointed. As Brian was distancing himself from my activities, I proceeded to load up a nearby trolley with my pickings. Alas timing was not as optimal today, and as people don’t habitually water dumpsters, some of my finds were rather worse for wear in the dry mid summer heat.

Still, I now have an assortment of potted colors to go with my lavender hedge. Photos, of my freegan front porch garden will be coming soon.

But I must remember to sneak a pair of gloves into the car for optimal dumpster diving results in future.

*And yes, despite my dumpster-driven excitement, I will continue to also buy from the excellent range goods offered at Plant Barn.

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