How To: Install a Tap

Before we can plant our now barren backyard, we required a tap and garden hose for watering.

Detailed steps for achieving this were:


  • Standard outside tap ($7)
  • T-fitting (from Kumeu hardware supplies)
  • Length of butylene pipe (from work hardware supplies)
  • Right-angle ($7)
  • The thing that goes under the tap which we don’t know the name of ($6)
  • Garden hose with fittings ($12)
  • Crimping tool (from Kumeu hardware supplies)


  • Turn off water main
  • Drill hole through weather-board where tap is to be fitted
  • Cut existing cold water pipe
  • Install T-fitting
  • Crimp short length of pipe on to fitting we don’t know the name of
  • Screw aforementioned fitting on to outside of house
  • Crimp length of pipe onto T-fitting
  • Crimp other end on to right angle fitting
  • Apply thread-seal tape to tap threads, and screw tap to outside
  • Turn on water


Tap Test Drive

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