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Trebuchet Catapult

Oh no, if only my employer didn’t block trademe, I might have been the proud new owner of a trebuchet catapult. So, instead I’ve asked Beau to build me one of these in our backyard so I can better fantasize … Continue reading

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What do vegetarians eat?

Roast veges, with lentil bolognaise pasta, and rhubarb pie for dessert of course! Roast Vegetables with Rosemary Pumpkin Egg plant Capsicum Chop vegetables, and add to roasting dish, drizzle with olive oil Bake at 180C, turning every 15 minutes Bake … Continue reading

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The Camembert Tunnel

My mother used to state that “I thought I knew everything”, and that “I was always right”, I would wholeheartedly agree. Continuing on in that fashion, I will now propose a real solution to end Auckland’s traffic woes. But first, … Continue reading

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New-Age Garden

I was proudly showing off my new brightly coloured, flourishing freegan garden to Brian’s mother the other day. She pointed out that one of my ‘potted colours’ was a spinach. I should have known. I did have a sneaking suspicion … Continue reading

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Iconifying Spaghetti Junction

Once upon a magical time, having solved all of the city’s more pressing problems, the council decided to listen to the remaining complaint from the public and finally devote its attention to upgrading its logo. After spending upwards of a … Continue reading

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Plastering Mayhem

Or, HowTo: Renovate a Villa: Strip wallpaper Examine now revealed half-assed plastered mess of old gib, 1cm gaps between sheets, holes, half protruding nails, and ill fitted light and electrical fittings. Undeterred, enthusiastically plaster all holes with home-mixed plaster. Examine … Continue reading

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The Boat People

After work, I wandered down along the water-front to meet Beau for an ice cream at Valentino’s Gelato. Along the way, I noticed a number of out-of-place-looking fellow wanderers. Pleated pants, mono-coloured (or drably-patterned) shirts, leather walking shoes with pulled … Continue reading

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