Last weekend we went to Plant Barn to redeem some gardening vouchers I had been given for my birthday.

(Now, given that for the past few months we have declared chemical warfare on our section, and are nearly ready to proclaim victory over several decades of overgrowth, plant vouchers were most welcome).

Alas, Plant Barn didn’t stock what I was after (a Jacaranda tree to go with the lamp-post). They did however have a most exciting dumpster, filled with dumpster-like things such as last week’s breakfast, dog poo, and several dozen discarded (and still potted) plants.

It was too much to resist, and much to Brian’s embarrassment, I engaged in my first experience of dumpster-diving.* While my beau was pretending not to know me, I retrieved 21 Lavender plants, and 3 generic shrubs ranging between $6 – $15 each. There were more, but it would have involved climbing into the dumpster and engaging in Brian’s help, and he seemed very keen to leave the place ASAP.

We now have a fine looking lavender hedge adorning our picket fence, and I still have a plant voucher to spend!

*And yes, an employee and Plant Barn said I was most welcome to rescuing them all, as he proceeded to inconsiderately pour fresh garbage over my pickings…

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